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Businesses looking to reopen their work locations during COVID-19 face confusing guidance and safety concerns to reopen and stay open safely.


IdeaCrew developed WorkRadar to screen, track and capture data to help businesses manage the return of their employees to work safely.

The pandemic changed the world of work forever. Many businesses that could allow their employees to work remotely did. Many who made the abrupt shift to working from home may never need to return to the office again. Other essential businesses apart from healthcare facilities such as pharmacies, supermarkets, manufacturing, banks, schools and transportation hubs required their employees, students and customers to enter the workplace. COVID-19 was spreading. Testing was slow causing public contact tracing to be ineffective. Guidance from Federal, CDC and state level confusing. Decision making was being pushed down to individual businesses and their customers. Business leaders are having to make decisions that could dramatically affect the health and well-being of their employees. Now with a vaccine on the horizon and more businesses looking to gradually allow their employees safely to the workplace a solution is needed.

IdeaCrew collaborated with a banking customer to develop a safe return to work solution, WorkRadar. The solution comprises a mobile app for employees to attest their health in order to enter the workplace. Or report any Covid symptoms to allow immediate outreach, support and contact tracing from the employer.

What We Did

WorkRadar automatically captures and distills the data to drive fast business decision making. The banking customer avoided expensive an CRM solution that would have required a lot of manual data capture and fragmented reporting. This customer has managed to protect its workplace, employees and customers while safely staying open.

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