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Maryland Behavioral Health Services


Maryland Behavioral Health Administration was struggling to achieve consistent, high-quality, inpatient care in the state’s five psychiatric hospitals.


IdeaCrew helped Maryland implement a single system of high-quality psychiatric hospital care to improve overall quality of care across the state.

The State of Maryland, Department of Health, Behavioral Health Administration needed to create a system of care that provided consistent, high-quality inpatient psychiatric care in all state psychiatric hospitals as part of achieving its goals.

The administration contracted with IdeaCrew to review and make recommendations relating to the implementation of a single system of hospital care to improve the overall quality of care in the State’s five psychiatric hospitals.

IdeaCrew’s clinical consulting team worked with Maryland Behavioral Health Services (BHS) to identify excellent programs or practices at particular hospitals that could be used across the system. Similarly, we were asked to identify challenges faced by some or all of the hospitals the impacted patient care.

What We Did


Our initial evaluation took two months. We delivered the deeper dive into specific programs and processes within five months. Our recommendations standardized treatment of patients in forensic status facing criminal charges to aid their process of recovery while hospitalized. As a result, patients were treated in a manner similar to those whose hospitalization did not initiate through court intervention. The Deputy Secretary for Behavioral Health accepted our recommendations and began the task of initiating the changes necessary as part of its change strategy.

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