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Maine’s pledge to run its own health insurance marketplace made it the latest state, literally, to transition from the Federally-Facilitated Exchange (FFE).

Solution, the nation’s newest State-based Marketplace, powered by IdeaCrew's cloud SBM platform, launched in record time enrolling over 66,000 Mainers in affordable health plans for 2022.

When Maine’s Governor notified CMS that her administration intended to transition Maine to a state-based marketplace using the federal platform (SBM-FP) in August 2019 it signaled Maine’s intent to switch to a fully state-run exchange at a later date. In fact, state legislation was pushed through and Maine contracted with IdeaCrew at the end of January 2021 to provide the marketplace platform (called to enroll Mainers in coverage ready for open enrollment starting in November that year. The challenge: IdeaCrew had only 8 months until October to launch. No one had ever transitioned a state from that quickly.

IdeaCrew already had a cloud-based marketplace technology platform, successfully supporting marketplaces in the District of Columbia since 2015 and Massachusetts since 2017. The challenge would be to tailor this platform to provide Mainers with the best customer experience, plan choices and lower premiums while seamlessly transitioning the 60,000 Mainers with coverage on to the new platform.

In the first 30 days, IdeaCrew engaged key stakeholders to synthesize plans, key milestones and dependencies for launching Maine’s new marketplace later that year. In addition to the sponsoring agency, the state’s newly formed Office of the Health Insurance Marketplace (OHIM), key stakeholders included;

By August, IdeaCrew received the necessary approvals from CMS to launch the new Marketplace, including:

By October, IdeaCrew platform launched with:

By January 2022, a record 66,000 Mainers (10% increase) had enrolled in coverage
through While Maine’s vision for its own state-run marketplace had
been achieved in record time, no one is resting on their laurels. This is just the start
of a journey to connect more Mainers with affordable, high-quality health insurance.
Through and IdeaCrew, Maine has the platform to build on its initial

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